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Nove Regole Da Ignorare Per Farlo Innamorare (2014)

Nove regole da ignorare per farlo innamorare (2014)

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8865085231 (ISBN13: 9788865085233)

About book Nove Regole Da Ignorare Per Farlo Innamorare (2014)

People seem to have a problem with how insecure Callie was. Her self-hating thoughts weren't an issue for me. It was when she voiced them. When she kept professing her love to him... *Major cringing in those parts*Other than that, I loved it. I couldn't put it down. It was funny and sweet. And - holy crap - their chemistry was... Just amazing!My first Sarah Maclean book, but definitely not my last. I guess I'll give it a 3, but the score is really for the secondary characters. This book set up the series, but I really never got behind Callie and Gabriel. I enjoy reading books where I see a character, particularly the heroine, grow into stronger, surer woman. However, this really didn't provide much of the growing part. There seemed to be such potential, hearing yourself called "passive" is certainly enough to make one think introspectively. However I didn't get a feel for Callie's growth and strength. I wish it had been developed more. Saving Grace by Julie Garwood is a book that comes to mind that does an excellent job of character growth. The main heroine is visibly and emotionally stronger at the end than she is in the beginning. I still saw Callie as a heroine that was clinging to the hero rather than a new sense of self, and a hero I never particularly liked at that. I will still give the rest of the series a try, but won't be reading this again.

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Didn't expect much when reading this type of novel, but couldn't deny it's quite nice :)

I enjoyed this book a lot a good plot and plenty of romance

Really fun read. If you like romances, you'll enjoy it.

Very good

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