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Nachtmahr (2011)

Nachtmahr (2011)

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380258290X (ISBN13: 9783802582905)
LYX Egmont

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Don't let my rating fool you: I really enjoyed this book. But the repetitiveness? HOLY SHIT was it ever annoying. This series is quickly becoming a favorite and I absolutely adore October (so far *crosses fingers*), but the amount of times she explained that she can't say "thank you" was so irritating that I wanted to punch her myself. It's not stopping me from reading on with the series, but it definitely brought my enjoyment down a bit. Onto the next installment! I'm learning to really like these characters. This is the beauty of a long-running series. The drawback? I'm a little frustrated that it is taking longer than I normally like to see the relationships develop. I already love Quentin. I enjoyed learning more about Luna. I want to know more about Sylvester, Leuidaeg, and of course, the elusive and mysterious Tybalt. With all the mysteries and adventure Toby is involved in, I think by this point, Toby could use more than a hint of a love interest.The thing I like most about October's character is that despite the fact that she is half fae, she is still so vulnerable on so many levels. Physically, this girl gets hurt ALOT! Emotionally, she both needs and dreads connection with people. Having had her heart shattered, she is terribly gun-shy. Who can blame the girl? As a heroine, she's gutsy but not necessarily kick-ass. She survives on her moxy, snarkiness, courage and a lot of luck. Ok, when can I start the next book?

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This is my favorite of the series so far, and I hear the next two are better. These are fun reads.

That was good, the world of Fae has always been interesting to me. And this world makes me smile.

Chilling story. Great series.

I love this series!!

4 1/2 stars

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