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La Malédiction De La Rose (2009)

La Malédiction de la rose (2009)

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About book La Malédiction De La Rose (2009)

I found this starting slow but I had to catch up with the myriads of fae terminology like of lieges, of kingdoms and of spells to name a few. But well, this is UF. And I'm a little new to this genre. Guess that's the reason SM had reserved a page or two for those unlikely words but not to spoil the novel by getting ahead of what were those fae words are but rather how it were just pronounced. Understanding those are as you go further reading the story. The story my have started slow but it kept a very fast phase as you go along. One action after the other... Not bad at all! Definitely Book 2 and I am challenging myself until when I wo ldbe hooked by these series but maybe because I have already invested myself and get accustomed with the characters and their respective backgrounds. This one hung around for too long. Finally started it - got about a third of the way through - but then it had to go back to the library. Checked it out again and started in again on 11/17/14. My take away it that it's not your Tinkerbelle fairy story. The story and the world are very complex - if you're not in the mood it may take some getting used to a new view of the sidh. I do like that it is set in the SF Bay Area; one of the Duchies is centered on my town - but then the author is located just up the road. Now that I am through this first one I would like to read more and there is a nice back-list of both urban noir and horror. Now that I have read the last Kim Harrison, Ms. McGuire should nicely fill that niche.OK - finished this one last night and found that the more I read the more I enjoyed. Toby is a gritty hero and like Harry Dresden is supported by a able and interesting cast.

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Not much to say other than I was bored for most of this book.

Found it depressing. Nothing good happens to Toby.

Mit Tendenz zu vier Sternen...

just didn't like it

3/5 (C)

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