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Midnight Blue-Light Special (2013)

Midnight Blue-Light Special (2013)

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About book Midnight Blue-Light Special (2013)

Midnight Blue-Light Special is the second book in Seanan McGuire's very strong InCryptid series. Picking up soon after Discount Armageddon left off, Verity finds herself with a couple of difficult decisions. For one, she must finally chose between her dancing career and life as a cryptozoologist. On top of that, she also must determine if her kinda-boyfriend, Covenant member Dominic De Luca is worthy of her trust. The latter gets extra complicated when New York City is targeted by the Covenant for a purge. Will Dominic stand by her side, or revert to old ways?From the very beginning, Midnight-Blue Light Special really pulls you in. There's a satisfying amount of suspense throughout the entire book, and Verity's chatty voice makes for a very appealing read. Characters who were introduced in the last book are developed quite nicely here (especially Sarah, Verity's adopted cousin, who even gets to narrate a few chapters), and the romance between Verity and Dominic is really well handled. It's one thing to fall in love with your enemy, but how do you know if he's truly trustworthy? The book does go to some slightly darker places than I recall Discount Armageddon ever venturing, but I found that raising the stakes in this way made the book a more exciting read.Midnight Blue Light Special is an even stronger book than Discount Armageddon, and one of my favorite Seanan McGuire books so far. I'm really looking forward to diving into book three! Enjoyed this much more than the first one. Can't believe it's taken me this long to read something by Seanan McGuire! I love the world McGuire has built here - it's been pretty well thought out and developed, and I'm ploughing through the many novellas she has written that supplement the main books.The female characters are smart, strong but not invulnerable. There's a focus on family, and friendships, with plenty of snark and some romance thrown in for good measure. The second book also delved into the action much quicker than the first one, much to my relief.

Do You like book Midnight Blue-Light Special (2013)?

A race-to-the-finish book. You want to know what happens at the end and won't want to put it down.

Another great book in this series, totally enjoyed it. Now on to book three-woo hoo.

More cute. I didn't think McGuire did the change of POV very well, though. =X

I loved this book. Actually I have loved everyone of her books.

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