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One Hell Of A Ride (2012)

One Hell of a Ride (2012)

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Seanan McGuire

About book One Hell Of A Ride (2012)

I'm a big fan of Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, so while I impatiently wait for the third book, I decided to check out some of the short fiction. One Hell of a Ride continues the focus on family by going back a couple generations in the Price/Healy family tree. The focus here is on Jonathan Healy who finds himself on a train ride to hell, and has to find a way to survive with the help of the beautiful spitfire Frances Brown. The story, which can be found for free on McGuire's website, is a short fun ride that shows us a glimpse Verity and Alex's ancestors. If I had one complaint it's that the ending is abrupt and anti climatic, but for a free story, it's certainly worth your time. I will be reading more InCryptid shorts in the future. Short story set in the Incryptid universe filling in some backstory about Jonathan Healy and Francis Brown. The story starts on a train ride shortly after they meet. Jonathan had found and been forced to destroy a Questing Beast that the owner of the carnival Fran worked had acquired but in the process had become endangered and Fran was forced to rescue him. They are now heading back to Jonathan's parent's house as Fran figures out what to do next when the train takes a jump and the next thing either of them know, there are imps all over the train eating the other passengers. Not exactly date time but you can see the attraction for the two of them as they fight to get the train back to the right plane of existence.Nice to see some backstory on the family as I think Jonathan and Frances are Verity's grandparents (iirc) and you can definitely see some family traits there.

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Short but sweet. The E-pub file has a glitch in the begining, but the rest is a fun romp. Yay mice!

I really liked it. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Discount Armageddon even more now.

Very intriguing. I'm very curious about this world and the creatures. Up to the next one.

Read at least (2) timesAwesome, I love the mice!!!

Brilliant. For a short story, simply brilliant!

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