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Lying Season (2011)

Lying Season (2011)

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146794825X (ISBN13: 9781467948258)
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About book Lying Season (2011)

THIS BOOK ENDED WITH A GAME-CHANGING CLIFFHANGER. I’M FEELING SO SATISFIED THAT THIS IS JUST GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. JUST MAKE SURE YOU READ DEVILS SERIES (IF YOU HAVEN’T YET) BEFORE YOU START THIS FOR THERE ARE SOME REFERENCES TO THE CHARACTERS IN THE DEVIL’S METAL AND THE DEVIL’S REPRISE IN THIS BOOK. My obsession with the EIT series and Perry Palomino and Declan Foray is getting out of hand that I can’t seem to stop ranting about this madness on Twitter 24/7. AND MAXIMUS...... I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME. Perry is staying in Seattle with Dex and his girlfriend Jenn, while filming an EiT episode at a reputedly haunted mental institution.While this book does revolve around the show, it tends to go even deeper into the relationship between Dex and Perry. And the ghosts haunting them both. We'll find out more about Dex's past, about his present, and about the way the two of them manage to mess up the future.Things are changing in the series... and this point, not for the better.

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Just finished re-reading....I forgot how emotional this book was... I don't want to live anymore lol

OMG i hate jenn. i cant believe she sent those emails!! and Dex how can u do that... man up

3.5 to 4 starsThe end was too open for me, too many topics unfinised

This one was better than the last one.

Omg! So good!!!

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