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Darkhouse (2012)

Darkhouse (2012)

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Okay so I loved the writing ! When I was reading I was so enthralled in the story that I would look up from my kindle and realize where I was! That's how good the writing was ! The only problem that I had was with Perry! Okay so this book was supposed to be Adult and it was everything but ! To me this was Young Adult ! Perry is supposed to be 22 but acts like she is 17 and still in high school! What really annoyed me was the interaction between her parents! Uhg! My god that was the most annoying thing to read !!! Hopefully in the seconded book we can see some character growth and maybe Perry will start acting like she's 22.! October 6, 2014 - I had this book recommended to me by someone whose taste in books I share almost completely, so though I am not a big fan of ghost stories, when I saw this one was free on Amazon I figured I would give it a try. I have to say that I was not disappointed, though I did not like it as much as I thought I would. The two main characters, Dex and Perry, are both interesting and even more importantly can tell you to want to know more. It's kind of amazing, really. Even though I would only give this book 3.5 stars. I'm fairly certain that eventually I will cave in and read the next one, because I honestly want to know what happens next.To paraphrase the creepy clown lady, they are just getting started…

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I am Perry, Perry is me. I have seriously never related to a book character more!

I dont know what took me so long to read this. Its scary and amazing!

It was ok. Don't know if I'll read the others, though.

hooked from the first chapter!

Free on Amazon as of 8/4/14.

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