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Into The Still Blue (2014)

Into the Still Blue (2014)

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About book Into The Still Blue (2014)

The Under the Never Sky trilogy was a really solid book series for me. Each character was compelling and interesting. Overall, Perry and Aria had some excellent development, and were fun to watch them change and strengthen with each book. The emotional moments in this series held real levity too. I felt it when a character died, or some plot twist occurred. The set up of this world was an important aspect that also kept me reading. My only complaint is that I wanted to see more. I thought we were going to get more explanation about Cinder's background. I also thought that there would be more to the Still Blue than the wall of Aether that surrounded it. An epilogue might have been cool to have too. However, these are only minor things I wanted. The actual ending of this trilogy was satisfying. It was a good read! If you are into sci-fi/fantasy with a bit of romance and humor then I would highly recommend it! A fantastic conclusion to the series!This book was definitely the best in the series so far. To see both Aria and Perry reach their full potential as leaders, to watch them rely on each other to get through tough times, and to watch all the other characters I’ve come to love in this series play their roles in securing a future for mankind was a compelling experience. I found it difficult to put the story down and ended up staying up much later than I anticipated last night so I could read ‘just one more chapter’. The story was beautiful, heart-breaking, heart-warming, hopeful, sad, joyful, exciting, suspenseful and thrilling. Aria and Perry spend the book overcoming the challenges posed by the worsening Aether storms, Hess and Sable’s forces, and other obstacles (like getting all their people to actually work together) to get everyone safely to the Still Blue before the world comes crashing down around them. I think the author did a fantastic job of describing their struggles and showing how the strength of their group came from sticking together, learning to trust and rely upon each other rather than continuing to dwell on old prejudice and hate. I especially liked the way the author showed it was never too late for change – even for those people who have been villains for much of the story.Overall this was an excellent conclusion to an awesome series and I’m sad to see the story end. However, I’m also looking forward to reading the short in-between novellas about Roar, Liv and Brooke though. I’d highly recommend this series if you’re looking for a good dystopian read with an intriguing world, strong main/supporting characters, dual perspectives, good plot and character development, excellent writing, and a beautiful storyline that will pull on your heart-strings.

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Oh....just, no words...I need everyone back.

Perry and Aria's relationship is so cute

OhMyGod Not Cinder :(

I want Cinder back


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