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Series: Under The Never Sky

by Author Veronica Rossi


Geborgen: In unendlicher Weite (2014)

This book was really different from the first two. While I liked the resolution, I didn't enjoy getting there. I felt like there were a bunch of disjointed, unnecessary conflicts getting in the way that made the pacing drag a little too much. I could have used a few more moments of calm connectio...

Geborgen: In unendlicher Weite (2014) by Veronica Rossi

Bajo la noche eterna (2013)

Cover und TitelDas Cover und der Titel passen sehr gut zum Buch, obwohl sie auch ein bisschen nichtssagend sind. Das Blau macht wegen dem Äther Sinn und das Mädchen ist Aria. Ich finde nur, wenn Aria drauf ist, sollte auch Perry zu sehen sein, da sie beide die Protagonisten sind! Meine MeinungIn ...

Bajo la noche eterna (2013) by Veronica Rossi

Getrieben: Durch ewige Nacht (2013)

I loved this book! Aria and Perry made it out alive and even though Aria got shot, it was only her arm (Veronica Ross, you could learn from this). They managed to get Talon and Clara out but they had to leave others behind, but one I could live with. I hope they make it into the still blue (it's ...

Getrieben: Durch ewige Nacht (2013) by Veronica Rossi

Into the Still Blue (2014)

The Under the Never Sky trilogy was a really solid book series for me. Each character was compelling and interesting. Overall, Perry and Aria had some excellent development, and were fun to watch them change and strengthen with each book. The emotional moments in this series held real levity too....

Into the Still Blue (2014) by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night (2013)

"this.." He was goingto tell her that this was how they should've come together, days ago in the woods. This was what he'd thought about all winter- what he'd missed. But he couldn't get past the way she felt, or the way she was looking at him. "yes," she said. "this". "Ideals belong in a wolrd o...

Through the Ever Night (2013) by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky (2012)

Aria has made a mistake. She trusted someone she shouldn't have, and now she is exiled and ready to die on the outside. After life in a pod where there is no reason to lie - usually - and everything is provided for her, either in reality, or virtually, she has no idea how to take care of hersel...

Under the Never Sky (2012) by Veronica Rossi