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Getrieben: Durch Ewige Nacht (2013)

Getrieben: Durch ewige Nacht (2013)

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3789146218 (ISBN13: 9783789146213)
Oetinger Verlag

About book Getrieben: Durch Ewige Nacht (2013)

I loved this book! Aria and Perry made it out alive and even though Aria got shot, it was only her arm (Veronica Ross, you could learn from this). They managed to get Talon and Clara out but they had to leave others behind, but one I could live with. I hope they make it into the still blue (it's the name of the third book but still...) I was left wanting more!! I loved how at the end, Aria and Perry realized they were so in love, they had to forgive each other and be together! This series is getting better and better as you go further into the story. In the literary world of stress and world ending, the same human frailties always show themselves in the worse of times. And in the worst of times, you have the essence of humanity to balance it out. Classic good vs. evil, someone good always has to die and every member of the group is important. The tribe is better with the sum of all its' parts....blah blah blah. Living the real world life to virtual life - interesting twist on how to live.Light, easy, fun read.

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Such an amazing story! Loved the ending and the way the book was written, just amazing!

I started this book yesterday afternoon and I devoured it. It was brilliant.

Actual Rating: 3.5

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