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Brooke (2013)

Brooke (2013)

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About book Brooke (2013)

This is a short story set in the Under the Never Sky World between books 2 & 3. It's from the point of view of Brooke, Perry's former girlfriend. It gives back story on their relationship and explains how Brooke is ultimately able to move on. There's some action, but ultimately it's a quick peek into Brooke's mind. It's a quick read (with an excerpt from the final title included) that will have readers of the series clamoring for more, and those new to the series will want to start at the beginning. I like Brooke. She's feisty. And hey, in a world so hopeless, bleak, and desolate, why not kiss as many boys as you want! And having read the final book, I'm happy with where her path led and to whom. I really liked this novella and I really miss these books and this world!! One of my favorites! The Aether will always remind me of when I played WoW. Some of the realms/zones are exactly how I picture the Aether with the swirling angry purples and blues.

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Fun insight into Brooke's character and how she realizes and works toward what's best for her.

I loved the insight into Brooke and what's going on before Into the Still Blue.

I don't really like Brooke, but this was fun!

I'm not really sure if I care bout Brooke tho

More of a 3.5 for me.

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