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Geborgen: In Unendlicher Weite (2014)

Geborgen: In unendlicher Weite (2014)

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3789146226 (ISBN13: 9783789146220)

About book Geborgen: In Unendlicher Weite (2014)

This book was really different from the first two. While I liked the resolution, I didn't enjoy getting there. I felt like there were a bunch of disjointed, unnecessary conflicts getting in the way that made the pacing drag a little too much. I could have used a few more moments of calm connection between characters. They were always interrupted or pulled out of those moments, so I felt like all the relationships kind of fell apart in this book. It was just missing a bit of the charm that the previous books provided. I'm quite sad to see this series leave, and say goodbye to my favorite characters.I'm kind of disappointed with how it ended, because I felt like it kept a few major things open.For example:1. What happened to Roar? Is he going to be alone forever?2. Is Cinder REALLY dead? He could be alive for all we know!3. Is Perry still have some leadership role, or no?These are just some of my unanswered questions, but overall a great ending to the trilogy!

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Enjoyed this YA novel. Nicely paced, well written. Recommend for anyone that enjoys YA.

A little disappointing for a series ender but still a good read

A story that ended with a beautiful beginning :)

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