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Honor And Obey (2012)

Honor and Obey (2012)

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Teresa Mummert

About book Honor And Obey (2012)

I can honestly say this man is seriously F***ed up haha he's going to great lengths to keeping her by making her alone to only have him to come to but not only that but he manipulated her to marry him! psh just so she can never leave him. lol For the first time in out of hundreds of books I've read I've always hoped the couple stayed together but this series I'm hoping she finds out what he's done to keep her he may not of murdered by his own hands but he plotted and didn't care as long as it was him she came to for anything and no one else. I hope in the finishing of this series she finds out and kicks his butt.this is a great mind boggling series :) can't wait to finish the upcoming series! I wish the books in this series were as good as their covers. Unfortunately, each one was a train wreck. And just like said wreck, I couldn't avoid contact. In truth, I truly liked the concept, and the fact that each main had their own version told. However, I am not convinced that an eighth grade couple, amped with hormones, are not the actual authors. And the concept of Mr Honor being a Dom is a joke! This review is being used for each of the current four books in the series.

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I couldn't wait to finish it, it was so rushed and just not good...

Awesome 3rd book!! Can't wait til the final book!!

what a dissapointment!! aaaarggghhh no words...

This is a great read!

Okay.... What?

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