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Above All, Honor (2005)

Above All, Honor (2005)

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Ok so this was my first outing with Radclyffe and I don't know why I haven't read her before. I think the name was throwing me off, kind of sounded like the books were written a long time ago but I was pleasantly surprised. I fell in love with this series in first couple of pages. The richness of the characters mixed with the ever surging storyline. Blair Powell is the presidents daughter and before that the vice president's and before that the governor's so she is used to being in the spotlight and having the Secret Service dogging her trail. She had her ways of "escaping" and eluding her followers and she didn't care much about it at all, and her protectors were sometimes unaware of where she was... Well that all stopped when Cameron Roberts entered the picture. Cam coming back from medical leave after a botched drug bust that left her shot and her lover dead. She passed all the doctors exams and was cleared for duty but instead of going back to her regular investigative position she is "demoted" to babysitter of the President's daughter. While she talked with the previous commander she was made aware of the hostile protectee and more so of her irregular schedule but Cam thought there was more to the story. When she first met with her team she laid down the law telling them to back off on the surveillance, give Blair some room to breath and make it easier on her so she will be more of an ally to her own protection rather than a hindrance. Cam's first meeting with Blair started off with "Egret" (the SS codename) was tenuous at best, answering the door ready to bolt, Cam keeps here there long enough to debrief her on the changes that have been made. During their meeting Blair tries her best to seduce the agent and while on the inside Cam felt the stirrings of attraction she pushed those away to concentrate on the business at hand. During the story there are highs and lows, revelations and realizations, love and hate, and lust and desire. The story unfolds at a perfect pace. Make sure you set aside some time to read because it is hard to put down. Love the way Radclyffe writes and look forward to being able to read more and more and for this we thank you!

Puoi trovare questa recensione anche sul mio blog ---> La siepe di moreDato che ho letto da poco un romance di m***a (Sugar Daddy), mi sono detta: non sarà il caso di leggerne uno con una storia d'amore decente e donne normali (leggi: che hanno una volontà propria)? Tanto per riprendermi...Girellando su Goodreads in cerca di ispirazione, mi sono imbattuta in Above all, honor: sembrava pieno di gente tosta e ipoglicemico, quindi mi sono buttata. La caduta non è stata del tutto priva di conseguenze spiacevoli: la colpa credo sia principalmente delle protagoniste. Infatti, mi è stato difficile provare simpatia sia per Cam sia per Blair. Cam, che delle due è quella che ho apprezzato di più, è così fredda che fa apparire strano il suo interesse per Blair. Non si capisce bene come e perché sia nata questa attrazione, spuntata fuori dal nulla, e non si sposa bene con la descrizione di Cam, per niente interessata a relazioni sentimentali dopo la morte della sua compagna.Da parte sua, Blair, invece, mi è sembrata una bambinetta viziata che vuole scappare dagli uomini e dalle donne della sicurezza solo per dimostrare che ne è capace e può cavarsela da sola. Rischiando i posti di lavoro e le carriere degli altri, però. Per questo ho trovato difficile simpatizzare con la sua sfortunata posizione di figlia del presidente degli Stati Uniti, che, oltretutto, deve anche nascondere il suo orientamento sessuale.Quello che, invece, ho apprezzato in Above all, honor è stato il non partire subito con dichiarazioni d'amore assoluto (e neanche relativo, in effetti...): il che mi fa ben sperare per i libri successivi della serie. Mi anche sperare che questa caratterizzazione così poco simpatica abbia a che fare con la SiPriLi (Sindrome da Primo Libro) e che la Radclyffe si sia riservata il meglio per i libri successivi. È una serie così amata che spero proprio sia così...

Do You like book Above All, Honor (2005)?

This isn't the best book you'll ever read but I re-read it a lot and it is one of my favourite books for some fun, mindless escapism. It's genre fiction not realism so is packed full of the tropes of the trade and highly implausible but is entertaining. It's uncomplicated but intriguing and remains conceivable within the generic universe it occupies. You just have to suspend disbelief and go along for the ride and I love this story of opposites whose magnetism pulls them together while their positions push them apart as real and imaginary hazards hover at every turn threatening to break their tenuous and uncertain connection. It gets harder to ignore the repetition and escalating violence as the series progresses but I enjoyed the premise of this opener so much I can't resist reading an Honor book despite diminishing returns.

It was okay. I found out about it because of an article on Slate.The premise didn't make a lot of sense to me. I know that at a certain age, and I'm assuming that 25 is old enough, you can decide not to have secret service protection,as long as you are not the president or vice president. This is according to Ron Reagan, son of Ronald Reagan and he and his wife eventually did decline protection while his father was in office. I don't know if his father had to okay it or if the decision was left entirely to Ron and his family so maybe that's the difference?I also wasn't happy with the general incompetence of everyone until Cam arrives on the scene. They really couldn't figure out the blending in thing on their own? C'mon. If they really couldn't figure that out on their own none of them should have jobs. Period. They send younger agents in when protectees are attending school. It just felt highly realistic to me and bordering on Mary Sueism.There was also a lot of, I want her but I can't tell her because she doesn't want me or because I'll get hurt and that got old eventually.Perhaps romance novels just aren't my thing.

This story introduces us to United States Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the woman she has the unfortunate duty to protect, Blair Powell, the daughter of the President of the United States. Cameron Roberts is dedicated, strong and powerful, with a singular focus - to keep Blair Powell safe. Though she has her own vulnerability she keeps it well hidden behind walls, erected to keep her emotionally distant and aloof.The beautiful and intelligent Blair Powell feels like a caged animal fighting for her freedom, resentful of the rules and regulations that thwart her daily life. She is constantly belligerent and hostile to the Secret Service team.Cameron and Blair each find the other intolerable at times, but impossible to dismiss. With the relentless onslaught of rule breaking and cat and mouse chases, the two women have to deal with a roller coaster of emotions. Coping with their own secrets and demons whilst fighting their growing attraction and respect for each other.Blair believes rules are there to be broken, find a weak spot and take advantage, regardless of the consequences. Cameron dedicates her life to following rules and having structure in her life. The two women couldn’t be more different, yet page after page you are drawn into the fact that they have something special growing between them.Above All Honor is a magnificent example of Radclyffe’s writing at its very best. The leading women are outstandingly portrayed and there is a marvellous cast of secondary characters.I absolutely adore Radclyffe’s Honor series. As a reader you become emotionally invested in Cameron and Blair’s future. The first instalment was published in 2002, the latest, ‘Code Of Honor’ book 8 in the series, was released in 2013. Over the years Radclyffe has nurtured every character, developed brilliant story lines and introduced us to charismatic secondary cast members until each one holds a place in your heart.

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