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Honor Student (2012)

Honor Student (2012)

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About book Honor Student (2012)

2.5**This is one of those stories that had so much potential to be great. You have Mr. Honor who is a college professor and 21yr old Emma, who can't wait to graduate. The problem I had with this story is not believable. I wanted to believe but it was to rushed and parts were choppy. If your rating on the sex scenes I can see the high marks but I am for the story.I absolutely loved how Mr honor was so possessive,and he was the reason I was so disappointed how rushed it was. This one was just bad. It's been recommended to me, but I've been avoiding it. I wish I would have kept doing that. The MC is oblivious. The love interest thinks he's Christian Grey. The plot was...lacking. I mean. All around bad.Did this author go to college? She cannot write it. It's almost as if this story was originally set in high school, but her editor said, "Whoa. That's too far." So they changed it to college...actually, there was probably no editor involved. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

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I dont like Emma. Cant stand her. After 20 pages I gave up. What a shitty story and writing.

I just can't finish this book! It makes no sense and it is all over the place!

LOL. That's all I can really say.

My soul hurt while reading this.

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