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White Trash Beautiful (2013)

White Trash Beautiful (2013)

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Beautiful love story. Say what you will about Tucker falling too fast in love with our damaged and beaten heroine. I don't care. He saw something in her that she couldn't see in herself. It was fast but it was slow at the same time. The plot is simple and yet the depth of the emotions was complex and left me aching for more. MORE TUCKER! Teresa Mummert is a skilled author and I found this read to be smooth and endearing. I am looking forward to reading the next installment in this series. I really enjoyed this story. I had never read anything by Teresa Mummert before reading this book, but I really liked her writing style. I loved that this story wasn't cute and sweet, but had more of a darker gritty feel to it. It was great to see a story that really showed that life isn't always perfect and that sometimes the journey is one we would never expect. I really felt like Tucker and Cass's story was unique and different. It kept me interested the entire way through, and I couldn't put this one down.Cass has grown up realizing that life isn't a fairy tale and that she has to work hard to make things happen. She grew up in a trailer after her father left her and her mother. Her once loving and protective boyfriend Jax turned to the drugs he was selling and then got her mom hooked on them also. Cass works at a diner in order to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. One night Tucker White comes into the diner and they immediately connect. Cass is wary of him, expecting that he wants what all other guys want from her. But Tucker is determined to convince her that he just wants to help her. He returns several times and they begin to spend time together. As they start to open up to each other, their feelings begin to grow. But Cass still has Jax and her mom to take care of and she isn't willing to just abandon them. As Cass continues to get closer to Tucker she feels torn in several directions. Can she possibly have a future with Tucker or will she continue to live the life she has been?I really liked Tucker. He was sweet and protective, and he was really kind. He gave so much expecting nothing in return. I liked that he really understood a lot of what Cass was going through because of his upbringing. I also liked that he never gave up on her despite all the times she pushed him away or tried to run. He was able to see past the tough girl facade that she tried to keep and he was really able to see the person she was beneath it all. He was such a good guy, and I liked that he only had eyes for her. I liked Cass, but at times she frustrated me. She was extremely loyal, to a fault at times, and while I admired that a lot it also drove me nuts. She continued to let her mom and Jax walk all over her and treat her horribly because of her loyalty. I liked that she started to let Tucker in though, and even though she often assumed the worst when it came to him she would quickly realize that she had been wrong and judged him incorrectly. Cass and Tucker had chemistry and a lot of attraction, but they also had a really strong and real connection. I really enjoyed Cass and Tucker's journey and I really felt bad for both of them for a lot of this book. They had so much between them to overcome and yet they were able to get past a lot of it because of each other. This story dealt with a lot of really serious topics, and yet it was done beautifully. This book was gritty and raw, and extremely emotional. While there were a lot of dramatic moments and it had it's share of dark times, this story also had some really great sweet and tender moments. Those were my favorites, and I really loved Tucker and Cass's growing feelings and seeing how great they could be together despite everything around them. I am really interested to see where they go from here, and I know there will still be a lot of things for these two to deal with. I recommend this book to those that like their romance stories with a bit of grit and obstacles to overcome. **Copy won from Giveaway by Give Me Books and Teresa Mummert**

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The writing was fine but I could not get into the story. Stopped reading half way through.

worth a read.

I loved it.

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