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Catching Jordan (2011)

Catching Jordan (2011)

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About book Catching Jordan (2011)

Possibly some of my dislike of this book comes from the fact I have zero understanding of American football (and zero desire to - Australian Rules all the way baby!). A fair criticism would be that I could have picked that up from the cover art and blurb - fair call. I just didn't expect the amount of detail around plays or whatever they're called where I had no idea what was going on. Everything I know about American football I learnt from Jerry Maguire.I thought I'd like reading about a strong female who took on a traditionally male domain, but I didn't. Jordan was an insufferable character, and the treatment of the subject matter was superficial.Despite that, I possibly would have given this 2 stars, however assuming the word 'pansy' has the same meaning it does here, I am deeply offended the regular degrading of homosexuality in this book. The constant use of 'fuck' in the book offends me not at all, but the constant use of 'pansy' yes. Added to that the suggestion of 'relief' that Jordan isn't gay, and an incident where girls didn't want to pair up with other girls for that weird baby thing they seem to have in American schools, and the book has a level of homophobia that is disturbing. 4.5* This storyline was a different high school story of 17 year olds, with having a female football player who was one of the guys. Jordan was close friends with her team mates and not really interested in the male species more then friends that is until Tyler comes to the school. The storyline then is unpredictable and turns of events that left me not able to put this book down and wanting to find out if she goes to the college she wants and is with the one she loves.

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Fab book! Really good read. The characters are well developed and they have good wit.

Sweet and realistic, I liked how the relationships grew and changed shape.

Well that was just way too cute to be healthy. Veronica - you were right.

Not for me. Didn't like the writing or the characters.

it was a good book . Great for teens . A most read

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