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9 Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake (2012)

9 Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (2012)

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About book 9 Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake (2012)

At 28 Callie has resigned herself to spinsterhood, left on the shelf in the shadow of her younger much prettier sister, but when she overhears her sister calling her placid she decides to shake things up a bit. With no regard for her reputation she compiles a list of things she wants to try, things that no Lady would every dream of doing. Callie believes completing the list will make her more interesting and not the typical meek spinsters she’s turning out to be, what she didn’t bank on happening was falling in love and no romance would be complete without a handsome naughty boy putting a spanner in the works. Callie met the Marquess of Ralston 10 years ago and has held a torch for him ever since that brief meeting, he’s charming, devilishly handsome and, word has it, quite a rake, so who better to get caught up in Callie’s escapades than him?!When I was offered the chance to read and review this book I jumped at it. I love historical romance and I particularly like Sarah Maclean, although I felt a little ambivalent about this book. Some parts I absolutely loved but others I didn’t find plausible, like Callie’s daring sexual behaviour for a wallflower virgin. The story starts really promising and you can fully relate to Callie’s predicament, left on the shelf and resigned to spinster seating at balls, so you can understand why she’s fed up and why she’d take a risk ruining her reputation. The list she writes is believable and I looked forward to seeing how she approached each one – look out for, riding astride, it’s not what you think!I liked Callie’s character, she was easy to be around and what you’d expect of a lady of her kind. Ralston, however, was difficult for me to like, to start with he’s just a typical cad, then as the story progresses he becomes and bit creepy and I felt he’d taken advantage of Callie. By the end of the book I’d warmed to him and you could see where his behaviour came from and why he put on an act. Although I took a dislike to Ralston this was an engaging read, Callie manages to get herself into some laugh out loud situations and the descriptions Maclean uses for the various locations made the story really come alive, and who doesn’t like a steamy love scene or two . . .or three! Regardless of my mixed feelings about this book it hasn’t stopped me instantly picking up the next instalment in the series, in which Ralston’s elusive twin brother is the main character. Muy romántico y divertido. Me gustó la historia. El granuja Gabriel,está para comérselo y Callie es genial. Una protagonista muy original para ser romance histórico. "Porque lo que él sentía era una obsesión, no amor. El amor no es unilateral ni egoísta. El amor es pleno y generoso y completa la vida de todas las formas posibles. El amor no destruye, Gabriel, crea. ""—El amor es solo una excusa para actuar sin medir las consecuencias —expuso con patente desinterés—. Jamás he visto que sirva para nada más que provocar angustia. Y, como concepto en abstracto, hace más mal que bien. "

Do You like book 9 Rules To Break When Romancing A Rake (2012)?

There was way too much crying in this one .-. but aside from that it was a fun read.

awesome awesome awesome right now i am cursing myself for not reading it before....

Adequate. Kinda boring. Predictable. But I liked the hero enough to persevere.

3.5 stars. Last of a trilogy, sigh.

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