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Winter Of Discontent (2004)

Winter Of Discontent (2004)

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Winter of Discontent by Jeanne M. Dams.Its winter in England and Christmas is approaching. Dorothy feels Christmas shopping is at hand and calls on Jane, her neighbor and close friend, to join her. Together they do some of the needed shopping for Christmas presents and decided to stop off at the Museum for a visit with Bill. Bill Fanshawe is the curator at the museum and long time friend and beau of Jane's. They enter the Museum and search high and low for bill but he's nowhere to be found. This fantastic mystery brings Dorothy, Jane and Alan (Dorothy's husband and ret. police Chief)back into London during WWII. A mystery that delves deep into the heart and soul of those involved in a past long believed to be kept secret. The last several chapters of this book kept me so involved I could not stop reading as Dorothy investigated each and every character. The story ends with as Christmas miracle that made this book all that more endearing.

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