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Sins Out Of School (2003)

Sins Out Of School (2003)

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Sins Out Of School is a fiction/mystery by Jeanne M. Dams. The main character, Dorothy Martin, is a nosy, but caring woman in her early 50s. Some people may relate to her with their curiosity, but I find that I did not. While subbing for an elementary teacher in England, Mrs. Dorothy Martin discovers a murder investigation regarding the teacher that is absent. She learns of the conditions that the woman and her child are put through after the death of their patriarch and, as a good-natured woman, she decides to help them out. You will find that Dams' writing is a bit formal because it is set in England, but the humor found, still stands out. A message that the book gives is, never suspect anything, without having any evidence. In my opinion, this book was a little too "stiff," for me, but we all have our own ideas. I thought that there was very little action, but you didn't know who committed the crime til the end, so I really don't have anything bad or good to say about it. The characters were interesting, but I didn't find myself intrigued by them, like I thought I would be. However, if you are willing to read a bit for a good murder, this story might appeal to you.“History does seem to be just one long succession of murders, doesn't it?”― Jeanne M. Dams, The Corpse Of St James's

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