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The Victim In Victoria Station (1999)

The Victim In Victoria Station (1999)

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The Victim in Victoria Station by Jeanne M. Dams.This is the 5th in the Dorothy Martin cozy mystery series.Dorothy's husband, Alan, is away on business in Zimbabwe. So she is on her own and a bit lonesome for Alan's company already. During a train trip to see her doctor in London Dorothy meets a young /American on his first trip to England. They strike up a brief conversation. Later Dorothy finds that same man, Bill, asleep. She tries to wake him but gets no response and calls for a doctor. A passenger aboard steps forward to pronounces Bill dead and states that he will take care of all that's necessary regarding the deceased. The following day Dorothy searches through all the newspapers to find no article on a dead man on that train. She makes some inquiries to the police about this incident and finds that no one has heard anything about a dead body on the train.She's soon invited to her long time friends, Tom and Lynn Anderson, for a week-end or longer if she wishes. Slowly Dorothy informs them of the dead man on the train and his apparent disappearance. Now Dorothy has two more associates to work with as she endeavors to unravel this mystery and find the identity of the dead and his whereabouts.Another good read. This story takes a while to get me involved but by half way through I'm hanging on every word and every step in Dorothy's investigation.

This is the last book in the Dorothy Martin series by Jeanne Dams. Not in order, of course. I am always reading books in a series out of the chronological order simply because I pick up as book at the library, read it, love it, and decide to read all the others. This is the fifth in the correct reading order, but last for me to read because I had a hard time locating it. The characters in these books are the main character, Dorothy Martin, super sleuth, Alan Nesbitt, her policeman husband, her various friends, and the unlucky criminals she decides to catch. Dorothy and Alan had both lost their spouses when they met and married. Dorothy was from the United States and had moved to England after the death of her husband. Now, she has enlisted Alan in the process of solving local crimes. This latest involves a man she met on a train into London who dies en route. She senses a murder and manages to secure a temporary job as receptionist in the computer firm he owned. With the help of friends Lynn and Tom, she snoops around the office and determines someone is selling the search engine the dead man created. She has to do this crime without the aid of Alan since is in Africa leading a police program. Will she be successful in finding the murderer after a second body turns up? Read and enjoy.

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