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Un Canalla Siempre Es Un Canalla (2014)

Un canalla siempre es un canalla (2014)

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About book Un Canalla Siempre Es Un Canalla (2014)

I started reading this book in preparation for meeting the author at NELA. It was clear from the beginning that MacLean was weaned on the same romances I read as a teenager, just due to the language used. The story, though, did not seem derivative, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Penelope and Michael, estranged childhood friends, thrown together for vengeance's sake. I found that I did not mind at all the set up for further books in a series, and do want to know what will happen with the periphery characters. After listening to Ms. MacLean, I have to say I've never enjoyed an author presentation so much as hers, and would read more of her books, even had I not enjoyed this first one. Una vez más, Sarah no me decepciona. Sus novelas son, ante todo, muy entretenidas y muy muy románticas pero, para mí, son de las pocas que tienen protagonistas femeninas realmente buenas. Una vez que he empezado a leerla no he parado hasta acabar, y es que la historia de Penelope atrapa y conquista desde el primer instante, algo a lo que la personalidad de ambos protagonistas contribuye y mucho. Ahora me quiero leer la segunda parte :'(

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Finally. A girl who grew a backbone and put the man in his place.

Cheesy romance. Fun, but not great.

Muy entretenido, se lee rápido

wonderful book

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