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Titanic (1998)

Titanic (1998)

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Do u really like tragic stories if so you this is the book for you. The genre of my book is historical fiction. I thought this book was actually great.First of all this takes place in the ocean. This place is important to the story since that's where it mainly takes place and that's where the tragic happens. Gavin wanted to earn his passage from Ireland. to America. but on a calm clear night in April their hopes and dreams turn into nightmare when the titanic started to sink so Gavin (main character) and Carolina (main character as well) try and do anything to survive then after one of the greatest disasters Gavin and Carolina actually made it out alive. the type of conflict for my book is person vs nature because Gavin tries to survive the. sinking ship the titanic.One of my opinions for my book is that it was awesome since it had some action. I was also moved by the way the titanic was sinking. Also the point if view for my book is third person point of view. I know because the author is describing what the characters are doing.Another one of my opinions is that i really liked it because when the tragedy was happening i was able to picture in my head what was mostly happening in the story. The main characters problem was that the ship people thought was unsinkable started to sink. I also had predicted that one of the main characters where going to die but it turns out that they had survived.So in conclusion i would rate this book from 1 to 5 a 3 because i liked the book it had a lot of action but not the best book i read. I would recommend this book to a person who likes books with tragedy and action. overall i thought this book was amazing.

After her parents die in England, Karolina's aunt comes to take her home to America. Although she misses her parents terribly, she has resigned herself to the fact that they are never coming back, and she tries to enjoy the trip home on the Titanic, sad as she is. Gavin, who is twelve like Karolina, is earning his passage to America by working in the Titanic's galley. He misses his family back home in Ireland but is eager to join his older brother in New York. Gavin and Karolina meet by chance one night and become friends. On the night the ship sinks, they are thrown together, fighting to survive the terrible disaster. I recommend this book to middle grade readers who enjoy survival stories, historical fiction, or books about the Titanic.

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