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Le Choix (2011)

Le Choix (2011)

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Personally, I did not like this book at all. At first, in Skin Hunger, I was like, okay, Sadima has found true love. But she is constantly thinking of only herself and Franklin, and it pisses me off. She has no care for others. Somiss obviously dislikes her greatly, and it shows. Also what the heck was in Sadima's mind?!?!?!?! Girls don't chase after boys, you fool. And you don't even know whether Franklin is trustworthy. It's also that she only relies on love. LIKE NO. Love is not an action. It's a feeling. You don't even know what Franklin might want to do to you. Oui, Sadima. Ne faites jamais confiance des hommes adultes qui viennent à votre porte. As for Hahp, he's a bratty boy. He dreams about how he's going to kill his father when he gets home, and surprising him. He knows his father fairly well, though. I actually feel sorry for Hahp. He's just a rich boy suffering at a poor place. 3.5 stars. these books grabbed me really unexpectedly, it's not my sort of thing on every level. but there's something really compelling about the slow build, the focus on the day-to-day/domestic, and especially the connections between the two stories and looking at how a specific location has evolved between the two different centuries. these are very repetitive but that works here, and i really like both sadima and hahp as protagonists. i think more answers sooner would have been nice though, in 800+ pages of story you get barely any at all and the third book seems to be in a state of limbo. :(additionally, they need cw's for just about everything, but especially child abuse and suicidal ideation.

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The second book in her trilogy was quite good. Looking forward to the third volume.

"Sacred Scars (A Resurrection of Magic, Book 2) by Kathleen Duey (2009)"

I can't wait for the next one. I have so many questions.

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Book #1/2012.

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