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Castle Avamir (2003)

Castle Avamir (2003)

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0689853726 (ISBN13: 9780689853722)

About book Castle Avamir (2003)

Heart continues her quest to find Castle Avamir. She and Moonsilver, the unicorn that she rescued and now keeps hidden, are on the run from Lord Dunraven and his men. Castle Avamir is supposed to be place where unicorns can be safe and run free, but when a young girls riddles finally lead her to the castle, she finds it run down, and the only person there is an old man. Before she can question the man, Lord Dunraven finds the castle. Heart and Moonsilver hide, but Dunraven takes the old man. Now Heart must rescue him to find the answers she needs.The seventh book in The Unicorn’s Secret series, Castle Avamir is the continuation of Heart’s magical quest for finding a safe home for her unicorn friend. Each book is a quick read, suitable for young readers who are just starting and will capture their imaginations with a heartwarming tale of friendship.

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