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Thunder Rolling In The Mountains (1993)

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains (1993)

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THE TRUE LEGACY OF CHIEF JOSEPHFifteen-year-old Sound of Running Feet survives incredible hardship--including betrayal by both white men and other tribes in this fictionalized novella. Odell's detailed account of the brutal removal of the Nez Perce from Wallowa, Idaho to Oklahoma proves interesting reading both for students of Native American heritage as well as teenage girls in general.The reader's understanding of this cruel odyssey is enhanced by the excellent map of this heart-rending Route of the Nez Perce from June-October of 1877, which precedes the actual narrative. Elziabeth Hall's Foreword explains her collaboration with the ailing author, while her grim Afterword summarizes the fate of the female protagonist and that of her separated people.The title may be somewhat misleading, for it is not indicative of the anger of the Native Americans, or even the presumed pain of their gods; rather, it is qutie simply the translation of Chief Joseph's name. This aged warrior proves both solemn and wise--possessing innate personal dignity to the end, for the good of his people was his chief concern. His heart was understandably broken by the sad departure from his beloved Mother Country and the death of many of his chiefs, plus the wanton betrayal of trusting fellow Indian tribes.Sound of Running Feet, his proud daughter with the heart of a warrior, wages her own private war against enslavement--either by the Blue Coats (US Cavalry) or by cruide Indians. Cherishing the love between herself and her fiance, Swan Neckalce, she tries to banish her fears for their future, as she struggles in anticipation of their wedding. A sobering account of a vanishing breed as the West was Won byYankees--but at what shameful cost to human dignity! (May 13, 2011. I welcome dialogue with teachers.)

This book is absolutely wonderful. Of course, that's just because I've always enjoyed books that give you a little bit of knowledge on things you wouldn't normally think about. The plot of this story is similar to most stories about this topic, but the author does a great job of making it unique. There are moments where I found myself cheering for the main character and also moments where I felt a tear roll down my cheek. This is basically an emotional rollercoaster with ups (and mostly) downs. In the end, I think this is a book that everyone should read at least once - but hopefully more.

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This. Was. Bad! I actually never finished it because it was so bad. It upset me because of one sentence. You may think that that is a bad reason to stop, but if you read- "He grinded heads, but of ears, and watched the blood flow down the rivers," then you would probably stop reading too. So, I can't really tell you what it's about, but I think it is about a girl whose tribe is being forced to go from their homes. IT STINKS! Stay at least 50 feet away from this book. AT ALL TIMES. If you ever think of reading this book, you will get scared as well as being bored to death. Thank you.

From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever-Chief Joseph I read this book after it was assigned to my fifth grader for her reading class. It is a historical fiction account of the Ni-mi-poo (Nez Pierce)being forced from their homelands in Washington State by the US Army as told from the perspective of Chief Joseph's daughter, Sound of Running Feet. The writer used historical documents to sequence the events of the story. There is much information on the culture of the Ni-mi-poo woven into the story. The story is violent, including one very disturbing scene where a pregnant Ni-mi-poo woman is killed. This book may be too upsetting for some young people. I recommend it, but with guidance from a caring teacher/parent.

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