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Sarah Bishop (1991)

Sarah Bishop (1991)

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About book Sarah Bishop (1991)

Sarah Bishop is a young girl who has no interest in the coming American Revolutionary War. However, this is not how her father and her brother feel. Her father is a Loyalist, siding with the British, and her brother, is a Patriot. Her brother leaves the house, and soon, her father is tarred and feathered. Sarah realizes that she must leave. She then goes to New York City to try to find her brother, but the British wrongly accuse Sarah of a crime and so Sarah escapes into the wilderness. The rest of the book is a survival book that describes Sarah's life in the cave that she calls home. She does not learn much about the war except for through a couple of travelers that come close to her home. Sarah likes it this way because she is upset that the war has disrupted her life even though she didn't even care about the war. While in the wilderness, Sarah finds an internal strength that she did not know she had as she fight to survive in this new life.I found that this book was very slow paced. I felt that most of the interesting action took place in the beginning of the book, and then the majority of the focus was on Sarah's survival and adventures in the wilderness and cave. Even though many list this book as historical fiction, which I understand that it is because of the time period and some of the names that are dropped. I found it more of an adventure/survival book because that is what majority of the plot focuses on. While most of it took place in the the wilderness, I found that it was very hard to connect with the character. I think it is because O'Dell focuses on the actions of what Sarah does in the cave rather than the thoughts and feelings that Sarah has. I don't get to get into her head, I just get to see what she does. While this was not my favorite book, I understand that different people have different tastes, so I would recommend this book to students in grades 5-8th. I would not recommend it to someone looking for historical fiction, but I would recommend it to someone who was looking for an adventure book or survival book that has a female main character. It will also have to be someone that can stand a slow-paced book.

The story takes place during the Revolutionary war. Sarah, a fifteen year old girl, lived on a small farm with her father and older brother Chad. Sarah's father was a Tory and her brother was a Patriot. Sarah was neither; she just wanted peace. Chad disobeyed his father and enlisted to fight in the war, along with his friends. While Chad was gone, the Patriots knew that Sarah's father was a Tory so they burned Sarah's house down. Sarah and her father were left homeless. The next day Sarah's father died because the Patriots had also covered him with tar and feathers. Sarah decided to find Chad, and when she found him a few months later, she found out that Chad had died in a prison ship. Sarah was left all alone because of the war. As I read the book, I really wanted to know what would happen to Sarah in the end. Sarah was very strong and brave. She kept on going with her life, hoping to find peace one day.

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This book was definitely not a book that I would read again or recommend to others. Following a girl who is living during the Revolutionary War, the reader gets to follow her life as she struggles to stay away from the British. When Sarah's house is burned down with her father inside of it and her brother dies from being held in jail, she is struck with the knowledge that she is now an orphan. Not wanting to deal with her loss and the war going on around her, Sarah flees and comes upon a cave in Long Pond. Sarah settles into the cave as it is her new home and often has visitors. I, personally, thought this book was boring and I really didn't like it. Although the characters were well developed, the plot just didn't catch my interest. I didn't like this book and wouldn't ever read it again.

Spoiler Alert: This was an odd book. I decided to read it before releasing it, because it's by the Newbery Medal winning author of the Island of the Blue Dolphins (according to the cover). It was certainly different. Her father being a staunch supporter of the King, and then being killed for it near the beginning was horrifying. I was surprised at how descriptive it was. Her survival on her own really surprised me, and impressed me, too.I guess the inclusion of the witch hunt in this story seeme

Sarah Bishop’s father is a Tory. He believes that King George is the rightful ruler of the American colonies. Sarah is neither Tory nor Patriot – she just wants to live and knows that danger is imminent for those in the colonies who remain loyal to the King.And then, her brother Chad signs up with the patriots. He plans to fight the very King her father loves so dearly. Things only get worse from then – a band of marauders sets fire to their house and barn and tar and feather her father. Within hours he dies.When she learns that her brother too is dead, Sarah becomes hardened. She is sick of this war, sick of the pitying people, sick of everything. She just wants to escape from it all. So, she flees to the woods, and makes a home for herself in a cave there. But will she be safe? And will she ever return to civilization?Conclusion. A complicated story. I’m not sure that the benefits really outweighed the negatives.Visit The Blithering Bookster to read the rest of my review!
—Laura Verret

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