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Scott O'Dell

Scott O'Dell
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Books by Scott O'Dell


Sing Down the Moon (1997)

“Singing Down the Moon”tAccording to Scott O’Dell’s “Singing Down the Moon’, the Navaho Native Americans endured many long years of suffrage from the United States and the “Ute’s” Native Americans. The Navahos tried to protect themselves by creating treaties with the U.S, but they ran into troubl...

Sing Down the Moon (1997) by Scott O'Dell

Island of the Blue Dolphins (1987)

Sometimes to clear my head I go to the children's lit bookshelf in my daughter's bedroom (she is now in college), which was fully stocked long before she arrived because I've been collecting children's books for years, and I select a favorite to reread. Yesterday I selected and read this. It's th...

Island of the Blue Dolphins (1987) by Scott O'Dell

The Black Pearl (1999)

It is around the turn of the twentieth century, and sixteen-year-old Ramon Salazar lives in the town of La Paz on the Baja California coast of Mexico, with his father Blas, the owner of a lucrative pearl fishing business, mother, and two sisters. Blas Salazar had promised his son that when he tu...

The Black Pearl (1999) by Scott O'Dell

Zia (1998)

"Zia" by Scott O'Dell is a fiction adventure story about the main character named Zia. The theme of the story is Zia's plan and her long rough voyage.At first sight, Zia is a teenage girl tried to find her last relative, besides her brother, Karana. The quest to find her aunt who had been living ...

Zia (1998) by Scott O'Dell

Sarah Bishop (1991)

Sarah Bishop is a young girl who has no interest in the coming American Revolutionary War. However, this is not how her father and her brother feel. Her father is a Loyalist, siding with the British, and her brother, is a Patriot. Her brother leaves the house, and soon, her father is tarred and f...

Sarah Bishop (1991) by Scott O'Dell

My Name Is Not Angelica (1990)

I had never heard of the St. John's slave revolt in 1733. The book tells the story of Raisha, the daughter of a lesser Barato chief, beginning in Africa. The first chapter tells of the events leading to their being sold into slavery, and pictures her life of freedom. The horrors of the voyage and...

My Name Is Not Angelica (1990) by Scott O'Dell

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains (1993)

THE TRUE LEGACY OF CHIEF JOSEPHFifteen-year-old Sound of Running Feet survives incredible hardship--including betrayal by both white men and other tribes in this fictionalized novella. Odell's detailed account of the brutal removal of the Nez Perce from Wallowa, Idaho to Oklahoma proves interesti...

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains (1993) by Scott O'Dell

The King's Fifth (2006)

Scott O'Dell's The King's Fifth (1966), a runner up for the Newbery Medal, is an absorbing, well-written, and vividly-imagined historical novel. At dusk in 1541 in a prison cell in Vera Cruz, New Spain, the young cartographer Esteban de Sandoval begins writing the account of his adventures seekin...

The King's Fifth (2006) by Scott O'Dell

Serpent Never Sleeps (1988)

The plot is a bit jumpy, but the history and the descriptions of Bermuda and the New World, as well as the sea voyage are rich and alive. The characters and their hardships are believable, though Serena, much of the time, was merely an observer. I was mostly disappointed with the book's summary o...

Serpent Never Sleeps (1988) by Scott O'Dell

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