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The Titanic Locket (2014)

The Titanic Locket (2014)

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About book The Titanic Locket (2014)

My old students came running to me with this one, saying it was a "must read" and asking if could I read it RIGHT away so we could talk about it. (Note: do not take advice from fourth graders as to what might be considered a "must read" book.)It. Was. Awful.I'm all for using fantastical ideas to encourage kids to read, ESPECIALLY if you can sneak in some true historical information in the books they are reading. Cool cover? Sure? Interesting premise? Fine. But unless you don't know that the Titanic was a boat that sunk in 1912, you will learn nothing in this book. The writing was completely surface and it's obvious someone will make a buck writing a series of "Haunted Museum" books. Bummer that I didn't think of this ridiculous idea first. 3.5 stars for this MG historical ghost story. The plot moves along at a lightning pace. Almost too fast, as it seems to sacrifice character development. The constant mooning over the cute boy by the sisters was annoying, until there is a ghostly explanation for it at the end. Little bit creepy as the ghosts are actually violent, but great for kids that like to be scared. Probably best for grades 3-6 and will probably mostly appeal to girls.

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Really good book if you are obsessed with ghosts and the titanic.

it was so asmazing and great i was in love with it

This book is a mess.

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