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Daring To Dream (2010)

Daring to Dream (2010)

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About book Daring To Dream (2010)

I was recommended this book by my friend Kaitlyn and I finally decided to read it. This book is basiclly about this girl named Taylor and she really likes horses but her parents split up a while back and her mom can't afford a horse right now and her dad cant either but Taylor rescues 2 horses names Albert and Pixie they were left behind my their owners in an old shed and almost died. Taylor's mom says no at first but then in the end Taylor convinces her mom and gets to keep these 2 horses. My opinion of this book is that it was a good book to read but not something I would go running to the stores to get. I think i'm going to be done with the series becauseI didn't love the book it was okay. Ok so I'm not finished yet but I will update when I finish. To be countiued.....Ok this book was about a young girl and her love of horses. A family friend works for the ASPCA. When they were on a case the stumbled apon a horse and pony. All in all in the end she finally has her long-life dream out of her wildest fanticies. She has her very on horse,albert, and lets not forget her new shetland pony, pixie. This is a great book and I'm ready to read the next ASAP.

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i love this book one of my favouritesi love the main character she is like me but older

It is an amazing book about bond between horse and rider.

I absolutely loved reading this series.

Great book all most done reading.


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