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Beaten (2011)

Beaten (2011)

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0761361642 (ISBN13: 9780761361640)
Darby Creek Pub

About book Beaten (2011)

The novel Beaten by Suzanne Weyn is a short story about a teenage girl being abused by her boyfriend.Paige is the head cheerleader at south side high.Ty is the star running back for the football team.After going over to Ty's house,Paige discovers that both of Ty's parents are alcoholics.Because Ty is nervous about not being recruited for his favorite college,he starts to become aggressive.Paige tries to help Ty with his problems at school and at home.As Paige tries to help Ty with his problems he becomes short tempered.One day as Ty was walking Paige home from school,Ty slapped her.Paige was trying to cheer him up,but Ty wanted her to stop.Because Ty slapped he she feel to the ground hard and the next day had a lot of bruises.After her mother and everyone else saw what had happened to Paige,they began to become worried.When everyone would ask her questions about what had happened to her face,she would lie and said it was because of cheer practice.After Ty lost his football game,Paige tired convincing him to go to a party to help him feel better.They then began to start arguing and Ty strated to punch and slap Paige again.As Ty was punching and slapping Paige,a older man saw him and called the police.This is a very interesting book to read.From the beginning to the end the book was very interesting. So much wasted potential. The story-telling was weak and bland which is amazing for the compelling topic. Teenage girls need to hear the underlying message but the delivery was preachy, although still ineffective. The 98 pages of this book read more like an outline for a book about an abused girl who has the chance to open her eyes and escape from her abuser, but she never really does so the story ends up going nowhere. Too bad, really.

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Thoughts: Super Quick Read! Liked it but I just wish it was a little longer..

Best book ever explict detailing, but I did want it to be llonger

this is a good booklove it

Good hi-lo book for girls.

Pretty Good!

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