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The Providence Rider (2012)

The Providence Rider (2012)

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1596064668 (ISBN13: 9781596064669)
Subterranean Press

About book The Providence Rider (2012)

This is the 4th book in the series. I saw some reviews on GR that complained about the introduction of new characters and very different plot. I don't see that as a problem since that is what makes one book different from another. I loved this book and zipped through it in just a few days. Have some fun and read this book. It may be a little difficult to read without first reading the others in the series. Robert McCammon is one of my all-time favorite writers. After firmly establishing himself as a master of horror (read the classic SWAN'S SONG to find out why) he has leisurely moved into the realm of terrific historical fiction.THE PROVIDENCE RIDER is the fourth novel in the Matthew Corbett series that takes place in NYC during the early 1700's. It is a dangerous and unpredictable world and Corbett along with his partner at the Herald Agency, Hudson Greatstreet.This installment is firmly a solo effort for Corbett as he goes undercover to infiltrate the dangerous and devious inner circle of the nefarious Professor Fell. This includes going to Fell's personal Island where the trick will be how to leave it alive.The title of the novel refers to a label given Corbett as being a problem solver. THE PROVIDENCE RIDER provides many problems for Corbett and much to savor if you are fortunate to read this novel.

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I would rate it five stars but Mister Slaughter got 5 and I liked it more

Not one of the better Matthew Corbett novels.

looking forward to the next one!!

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