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Mister Slaughter (2010)

Mister Slaughter (2010)

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1596062762 (ISBN13: 9781596062764)
Subterranean Press

About book Mister Slaughter (2010)

Third in the Matthew Corbett series, and I've grown to love this series. This story begins in 1702 NYC, where Matthew and his associate Hudson Greathouse are tasked to escort mass murderer Tyranus Slaughter from his jail in Philadelphia to New York, for eventual transport to England. Of course this doesn't go as planned, and this quickly turns into a tale of action and suspense. I spent more than a few nights staying up much later than I should have wanting to find out what happened next, always a good sign I'm really enjoying a book. Really looking forward to the next book in the series. I always look forward to reading McCammon's elaborate and "multi-layered" books as they evolve in their adventure. This one's mystery and suspense was halted until I was around a third of the way through. In this third of the trilogy, Matthew Corbett continues in the savage outback of early Pennsylvania on the heels of a psychotic throat-slitting Mister Slaughter whose murderous scenes are the very stuff that makes McCammon's crescendos horrific. Continuing on with this trilogy's comedic errors, this sequel kept the chase straight and narrow. Matthew's adoption of the skills of a wise and mentally traumatized Native American guide was this story's star performer as was the young and abandoned teenage "tough" whose destiny was pure revenge. I was disappointed at the lack of historical and occult references and sub-plots that were so prominent in the earlier two volumes.

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I am a sucker for this historical crime stuff, what can I say.

This series just keeps getting better

Each book is better than the last!

Excellent series.

Sooooo good!!!!

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