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Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon
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Books by Robert McCammon


Mister Slaughter (2010)

Third in the Matthew Corbett series, and I've grown to love this series. This story begins in 1702 NYC, where Matthew and his associate Hudson Greathouse are tasked to escort mass murderer Tyranus Slaughter from his jail in Philadelphia to New York, for eventual transport to England. Of course ...

Mister Slaughter (2010) by Robert McCammon

The Providence Rider (2012)

This is the 4th book in the series. I saw some reviews on GR that complained about the introduction of new characters and very different plot. I don't see that as a problem since that is what makes one book different from another. I loved this book and zipped through it in just a few days. Have s...

The Providence Rider (2012) by Robert McCammon

Swan Song (1987)

The next stop in my end-of-the-world reading marathon was Robert McCammon's post-apocalyptic epic Swan Song. Published in 1987, nine years after Stephen King's The Stand, the story follows two bands of survivors -- one representing good, the other evil -- as they make their way across what used t...

Swan Song (1987) by Robert McCammon

Gone South (1993)

It was hell’s season, and the air smelled of burning children. Think you want to read more? Exactly.Dan is a Vietnam War vet, suffering the lingering effects of Agent Orange. He fought for his country and got pissed on. He has lost everything: his wife, his son, his home. He is on his way ...

Gone South (1993) by Robert McCammon

The Wolf's Hour (1990)

Subterranean Press recently released a limited reprint of this book, which was originally published in 1989 by Grafton (Harper Collins). In honour of this, it deserves a re-read and a review as I am sure that there are a few people out there completely unaware of this gem.It is a werewolf story c...

The Wolf's Hour (1990) by Robert McCammon

Mystery Walk (1992)

Baal (1978), Bethany's Sin (1980), Night Boat (1980), They Thirst (1981). Those are the first four published novels of Robert R McCammon. Of them, I've read only They Thirst, and that was way back during my junior high school days. I don't remember where I bought the paperback (probably at the lo...

Mystery Walk (1992) by Robert McCammon

Boy's Life (1992)

this is going to be a bit long and rambling, because I really, really liked the book and had a lot to chew on before putting my thougths on paper:My third book by Robert McCammon took me a little by surprise by the change in style, but in a good way. I liked The Wolf's Hour for its Indiana Jone...

Boy's Life (1992) by Robert McCammon

Blue World (1990)

This is McCammon’s only volume of short stories. This volume includes:Yellowjacket SummerA young woman and her two children run out of gas in a strange town straight out of the Twilight Zone. It seems the hot summer brings out the bees --- and they terrify.MakeupA small time thug ends up with the...

Blue World (1990) by Robert McCammon

Bethany's Sin (1984)

My first thought upon reading Bethany’s Sin was, this is the antithesis of The Stepford Wives. In that Ira Levin classic, the men of Stepford, New York conspire to kill the women of their village and replace them with anatomically improved robots who are dutiful wives. In Bethany’s Sin, the women...

Bethany's Sin (1984) by Robert McCammon

Speaks the Nightbird (2007)

Speaks the Nightbird, by Robert McCammon turned out to be a delightful historical mystery and suspense thriller. We follow Matthew Corbett as he chases tales of witches and demons and other things unnatural to men through Front Royal South Carolina. To truly embrace the Nightbird one must e...

Speaks the Nightbird (2007) by Robert McCammon

Usher's Passing (1992)

”There were dark blue hollows beneath his eyes, his lips were gray and slack, and the cheap brown suit he wore was blotched with mud and mildew. The front of his white linen shirt and his tattered black ascot was dappled with sherry stains; his frayed cuffs shot out of the coat like a poor school...

Usher's Passing (1992) by Robert McCammon

The Night Boat (1988)

The Night Boat is entertaining reading with a plot that seldom lags. However, it suffers from a linear plot and lack of character development.David Moore is developed adequately. We know his family drowned and he’s left New England and the banking system to operate a hotel in the Caribbean and fo...

The Night Boat (1988) by Robert McCammon

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