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The Mind Readers (2010)

The Mind Readers (2010)

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About book The Mind Readers (2010)

I really suffered with this book but I wanted to like it. I really did.I thought the concept was new and fresh, but the love affair was not well developed and it left the main character just being a weak girl.I almost expected there to be more of a twist with Lewis, like maybe he was the real killer, but the reveal that they sent the Killer to the town in order to bring Cameron out of her hiding place was weak. The restaurant scene where Cameron runs out from Lewis and the author writes, "I had to watch him practically make out with two women," made me want to throw up. He hugged one and said hello to another. If you're going to give us a female lead, stop making her weak and so dependent on men. Why is this such a strong trend in YA today? Female leads who have to fall in love and spend the entire book lusting over a man and acting like immature brats?The villan wasn't well developed and perhaps that is to lead in to the future stories. When the police force did invade, it was just like, "Oh my goodness, they're here! Hide! Nevermind, we took care of them!" We built up the fear of this organization through the entire book FOR THAT?I was also extremely tired of every person in the book being "insanely good looking." I felt like I was reading descriptors straight out of Zoolander and rolled my eyes when Maddox was continually being described as a villan who was just so good looking. I can't decide yet if I want to read the next installment. I don't know how this book possibly stretches into a four part series. I'm hoping the nextone gets better but I can't help but feel Cameron will only fall in love with Maddox and somehow, Lewis will come back in and try to tempt Cameron back to Aaron's. This book easily could have been condensed into five chapters for a stronger continuing story by deleting the cringeworthy love fiasco. This book didn't hook me right away. In fact, around Chapter 6 I set it aside and didn't read it again for almost a month. When I came back, I still didn't sink in, until the last quarter. And then, I felt the build up, but didn't get the pay off. That is obviously because Lori Brighton wants us to keep reading through the series. However, rather than eager to see what comes next, I'm left feeling like Cameron herself, like something is missing.

Do You like book The Mind Readers (2010)?

Fast, fun read. You won't learn anything from this book, but it's totally enjoyable.

Not bad, but a bit too much teenage hormone filled drama.

At least I was busy while I read it.

Cant wait to read the next one :)

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