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The Marriage Mistake (2000)

The Marriage Mistake (2000)

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About book The Marriage Mistake (2000)

I have read 48 % of this book. I refuse to read more. Carina was sweet in previous book, but here, she is so annoying. She started to realize that she is attractive because of her curves so that is mentioned million time, for example as if she is better because she enjoys eating much...when she comments eating habits of Max's girlfriend (wow, you like to eat. Please tell me more about it and I will be sooo impressed). I just hate when one character looks good because of something (ass, boobs, face..) and we are constantly reminded of that. Please, write something good about her, her brain or something and not her looks. I don't care about her weight, I would even love the couple more if they had faults. If they were perfect to each other and not to everyone around them.Beside that, she is constantly thinking how she wants to have sex. So it should be shocking and sexy when she says that to Max? No, she is a virgin and she is constantly trying to get Max to sleep with her. And that pretty much sums the whole first half of the book. I'm disapointted. I spent whole week reading this, but I would get bored and started doing something else. So, i wouldn't recommend this to anyone. This book is absolutely hands down my favorite of the series! It has so much more emotion in it. So much more at stake! And is beyond HOT! Really stirred up something inside of me... Max oh Maximus Grey... Yummmm the name says it all! And the freedom that Carina gets to experience on all aspects of her life is so great, and making me a little nostalgic to be that age with the whole world in front of you and being able to take your own wants in your own hands! Great hot and loving story, lots of awwwww!

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Definitely best in series ... Looking forward for next "the marriage merger"!

Mi chiedo fin dove si può spingere l'immaginazione umana. Le banane poi..

I loved this whole series. Fun reading.

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