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The Forgotten Garden (2008)

The Forgotten Garden (2008)

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0330449605 (ISBN13: 9780330449601)
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About book The Forgotten Garden (2008)

Kate Morton has a wonderful way of making mysteries enjoyable, rather than the dry "whodunits" I've come to loathe. Each twist and turn is anticipated like a gift for turning the pages. Even though they may take me a bit to finish, I've really enjoyed the last two novels I've read and can't wait to read more!Though I will say I still found the ending a bit sad, just because of Nell's death at the beginning. She died not knowing the whole truth (even if they did try making up for it in the Epilogue). Beautifully written. Three main storylines from different time periods slowly unfold into a deeply satisfying novel. The current day story has Cassandra coming to England to visit a cottage she has inherited from her beloved Grandma Neil. Neil's story begins at being "found" on the docks in Australia and her later search for her roots. The final story is what really happen and how Neil came to be lost. I found myself enjoying one characters story and then getting caught up in the next. And is really liked the fairy tells that added another layer of beautiful writing.

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I liked the historical aspects of this story the best.

I just love reading this book over the summer!

My kind of mystery - couldn't put it down

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