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The Distant Hours (2010)

The Distant Hours (2010)

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About book The Distant Hours (2010)

An homage to classic Gothic literature, Morton's text is haunting and suspenseful, interlaced with the mournful secrets of family legacies and jilted lovers. Following the arrival of a mysterious letter to her mother 50 years after its creation, London book editor Edie Burchill finds herself drawn into the long buried secrets of the moldering Milderhurst Castle and its three eccentric and reclusive residents, the elderly Sisters Blythe. A tantalizing journey that effortlessly weaves together the experiences of the sisters and Edie's mother during WWII and Edie's present-day search for answers. Entertaining enough, but Kate Morton has written better. What I loved: the language and the gothic atmosphere -- so beautiful, so chilling! I refused to get back to real life until all 600+ pages were read! What I think went wrong? The novel was over-ambitious. Morton tried to explain the history of five women simultaneously, weaving in and out of their past and presents, trying to put their souls on paper. On top of the big, main mystery there were also little puzzles about each character that the novel alludes to and attempts to explain: Why is Saffy unmarried? Why is Meredith so haunted by the loss of her first child that she seems unable to "mother" Edith? How did Percy get heartbroken? Why does Juniper experience the strange things she experiences? But these puzzles were not sifted through even though they were hyped up and mentioned over and over. In the end, the revelations were incomplete, and those that addressed some of the questions felt unconvincing and implausible because they didn't come from a foundation that was solidly built. It was messy. But it was still a fun enough escape into a castle, filled with books and people who love books.

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Lovely adventure aspect and a heart-touching tale. A Great historical feel.

Loved this book! Includes a surprise ending. Kate morton is a great author!

A real page turner, couldn't put down and hated to come to the end.

Good, long family saga with a surprising ending. Thanks, Kelly!

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