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The Faceless Ones (2009)

The Faceless Ones (2009)

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0007302142 (ISBN13: 9780007302147)
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About book The Faceless Ones (2009)

3,5 stars! Maybe I should give it 4 stars? ....... There's a unique-almost fatherly-daughter relationship between Skul and Val. I said almost. The whole story in this 3rd book have been complicated. It's necessary I think for the plot. And I read the english version this time. It is a lot better than the translation one. The sarcasm is more apparent and the story became more intense. But the translation version of this 3rd book is also not as bad as the other 2. It was a lot better too, although still stiff, but less annoying. Now I would want to read the next book of skullduggery pleasant. Another audiobook. Rupert Degas is just fantastic! He only reads one more in the series, so I'll probably switch to reading it myself at that point.This book wasn't as strong as the first two in the series, but the ending really helped. Quite the cliffhanger!I want to mention (again, I think) that while these books are considered middle grade fiction, they are quite violent and gruesome. A sensitive child should probably wait until they are older to read them.

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Awesome and finally scary

why did bliss die :(((

Epic awesome

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