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The Bar Code Prophecy (2012)

The Bar Code Prophecy (2012)

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0545425298 (ISBN13: 9780545425292)
Scholastic Press

About book The Bar Code Prophecy (2012)

The Bar Code Prophecy follows a seventeen year old girl named Grace. In her world, everyone has a bar code tattoo that they receive when they turn 17. It holds all of their information and allows them full access into their technologically advanced world. After Grace gets her own tattoo she learns that she is part of a prophecy to bring down the evil organization known as Global-1, who are the inventors of the tattoo. Overnight, her world is thrown into chaos and she faces challenges along the way. When it comes to books, I'm not normally very critical. I tend to enjoy them even if they have some things they could improve on. This book however, did not peak my interest or have very many redeeming qualities. The plot when you first read it sounds interesting and very well thought out. Global-1 sounds like a great villain throughout the story. However, the author throws in so many different details in the story and then fails to expand on them. They are just a cursory glance over and not vital to the plot. She also has multiple plots that pop up and could take the story into a unique direction but does not follow through with them. The main story arc also doesn't connect with the main character even though you are led to believe they are vital. There is one redeeming quality that stands out from the rest of the lack of depth. The main character, Grace, goes under a lot of character development. She starts as a shy and timid character that only cares about the crush she has currently to a strong female character that can help save people and also run away from the police in style. The character development of the main character is one of the only qualities of this book that I actually enjoyed. This is the third book in a trilogy. I have not read the first two, and I don't plan to. In this book, a company called Global 1, which began by making GMO foods (Monsanto ?), expanded to creating genetically modified animals and inventing a bar code tattoo to put on people which includes genetic information and when the tattoo is put on, nanobots are injected into the person's bloodstream which enables GPS tracking of that person. Some native Americans have a tablet with a prophesy about a girl who will bring down Global 1. That girl, unbeknownst to herself, is Grace. When she turns 17, she gets the tattoo and then the world begins to change. I felt like Grace's character was a bit flat and some of the dialog a bit stilted. The book is short and was interesting, but not great.

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The end came too fast good read, but I want to know now what comes next.

Excellent series!


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