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Talk Me Down (2009)

Talk Me Down (2009)

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Hmm.. this one really spells out the trust issue between Ben (the hero) and Molly (the heroine).I find the plots interesting, even though it is more towards run of the mill product. Simple and straight to the point. Molly, decided to return to her hometown at Tumble Creek, after she had enough of her ex-boyfriend stalker. She was successful in a niche market - she was an erotica romance novelist.Oh shoot! So I was thinking maybe we have that creepy scenes of BDSM etc, but thank God, there is none here. This is actually a clean read. And when I mean clean, you will not discover any fetishness bordering towards bizarre.And the chemistry was hot. Molly kept her job a secret, because she was doubtful if Ben knows about her job, will he be able to overcome the fact that she writes sexy romance for the mass market?I like the story, even though the were some creepy moments about stalkers. But I do have serious issues on the trust between the hero and heroine. You have sex and then you started fighting right after? What the?Hmm.. I think Ben Lawson just earned my best book boyfriend award. It's such a refreshing experience reading something that doesn't have the innocent lady and the big bad caveman. In this book it's Molly who likes to talk dirty and pursues the guy with all the seduction cards she has, while Ben is the responsible shy self.Seriously, how cute is it a guy that blushes?!?!?!People should really use more guy's blushes instead os the girly girl ones... Molly was so funny, witty and confidante! I loved that about her.And I love how this book talk about the difference between kinky sex in a book and kinky sex in real life... Just because you read or write about some sort of kinky BDSM type of sex, it does not mean you want to make it a reality in your life... People should really know the difference between books, fantasy and real life.Anyway... Ben Lawson FTW!!

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Definitely cute. Good transition of vanilla to an upped-the-ante kind of sex.

3.5-4It was cute! A little predictable, but fun nonetheless.

cheesy but good

love it!!!


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