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Start Me Up (2009)

Start Me Up (2009)

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About book Start Me Up (2009)

Loving the characters in Tumble Creek! Lori and Quinn,so perfect together! His character is fun, kind of a spacey, nerdy "by the books" guy with a hidden sexy, alpha side...who knew?!? Lori is a feisty little "pixie" who just didn't know what she wanted out of life, geez kind of like me! There were some twists and turns along the route to them realizing they should be together, but life isn't all roses and chocolates. These 2 are definitely a new favorite couple. This a sweet and steamy romance between a hunky nerd and a girl mechanic wonder. Lori Love is a smart girl, with dreams of world travel and adventure, the sudden death of her father leaves her stuck in Tumble Creek, running the garage and buried under a mountain of medical bills. The sudden interest in a parcel of land her father had purchased seems to be the answer to her prayers.Enter dazed and distracted Quinn, architect genius extrodinair. After knowing each other for years, they both realize they are attracted to each other and agree to a discreet affair, since neither is looking for a committed relationship. The romance was sweet and the bedroom scenes were original and inspiring. They flowed and complimented the story. I loved how open Quinn was to exploring Lori's sexual fantasies, nut also he open support of her dreams. He was understanding and considerate. Lori was a funny, smart woman that had some real life problems and was scared and insecure at times but brave and strong.That is until she starts to fear Quinn and the feelings he stirs in her. After a while Lori started to get whiny and a bit too Debbie Downer for me with her whole, I can't mess up my life with love, and I couldnt understand her attitude of such easy compliance when she gave up her dreams so easily. Or her feelings of rejection when people tell her she needs to move on with her life. It's okay for her to see herself as a silently suffering martyr but no one else can say it???The end features a profession of love, a dramatic fight that ends their short lived affair and months of separation before they finally talk it out, apologize and Tada! They wrap it all up and they agree to start dating. Over all the characters were good, the plot line about sleazy realty/land developers fell flat, the mystery of her fathers death was forgotten for 90% of the story and the emotional barrier for Lori was not very believable. The witty dialogue and well written adventurous love scenes really saved this story from being cliched and boring.

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I didn't think it was as hot as the first book of the series but still a cute quick read.

Feisty and fun heroine who knows a hard man when she feels him.

really good.


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