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Sunčani Rat (2014)

Sunčani rat (2014)

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Like the other two boks before "The Daylight War", Peter V. Brett invites the reader to get to know the characters in the book. This time, the background-stories of choice are Inevera and Renna, while barely moving on with the actual story in the present.For me, it was very interesting to 'see' the training of the dama'ting, while also glimpsing the krasian culture.On the other hand, the scenes with Renna and Arlen on the road were too much YA-Twilightish for my taste.All in all, I would regard this book to dedicated readers of The Demon Cycle, becuase there is still great world-building, intrigues and politics, although the last 50 pages felt too mee too rushed and it literally ended with a cliffhanger, there fore just 4 outof 5 stars. Great book. I'm really liking this series, a lot of "love making" scenes I would have passed over in favor of fighting, and war. I like the buildup and sincerely hope the 'character development' those scenes provided was worth all that uncomfortable twists and odd "choices" made by the characters involved (especially Leesha, and Renna bugs me too but I'm sure it will play out somewhere). Can't wait to see how this series wraps up, I'm holding my breath.

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... And hence why such the build up! Un poco de bitin...

Simply put... "Thrilling"Can't wait for the next one...

too porny.


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