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El Hombre Marcado (2009)

El hombre marcado (2009)

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It was an entertaining book, on the whole. The whole idea of wards to keep demons (corelings in the book) out and the hints at a larger world than what was depicted in the book were all interesting in a very nice way.The book moved at a solid pace, nice storyline, and it really sets up the stage for the further books to come. The fight scenes were really well written, but tried as I could, i could not picture the corelings or the so called demons in my mind's eye. When it comes to imaginary monsters, Jim Butcher does a really great job, but a harry dresden book, this is not. So anyway, as with many other books, there was on directly evil monster or character in the book, just men vs an evil that had no solid origin, just a core. Too many questions in my mind after reading this. The things that irked me about the book were that it took too long a time to build up properly. The titular painted man doesn't even show up till half of the book. And when he does, he is the alpha male kind of dude whose personality just doesn't shine through enough in the 200 pages given to him. BUT, even with all these tiny niggles, the book was not boring. The minor characters were amazingly developed and if this book didn't have all the demons, but it was just a book about the minor characters going about their life and dealing with daily shit, it'd still be a very readable book.I'd definitely be reading the next book in the series, The Desert Spear. I cannot even begin to put into words how much I loved this novel. It is a simple idea but complex in it’s tones. This is the type of book breathes air into the fantasy genre and puts the joy back into reading. Nothing is better than stumbling across novel with no expectations and by the end of the story; it has become a beloved novel that only comes around every so often. I can say with fair certainty that Mr. Brett will be hating life in the next few years with fans that will be constantly pestering him about when his next book in the series will be released.The Warded Man’s world is one of fear and cowardice. Thousands of years ago the humans defeated the demons and drove them into near extinction. Humans fought on equal terms with various types of magical Wards. Before all the demons could be wiped out they suddenly disappeared. The humans declared victory and eventually began to fight among themselves. Approximately 300 years from the start of the novel the demons reemerged with a vengeance. Most of the wards, especially the killing wards are lost to history and the humans are only left with defensive wards. Now they are forced into shelters at night to hide behind wards that are painted on the buildings. At times the wards fail and people die. Needless to say, the demons rule the night and the people live in fear.The novel alternates between our three heroes, Arlen, Leesha and Rojer. Each background is fully explored with Arlen taking center stage through most of the novel. Arlen is involved in tragic event that leads to the death of his mother. Arlen blames his father for being a coward in fearing the demons and this fear lead to his mother’s death. He vows to find a way a stand against the demons. His adventures allow you to explore the world of The Warded Man and interact with different cultures.Leesha’s tale is the most fascinating of three. This is a world where women are treated as second class citizens so she is forced to make a stand against the norms of society as much against the deadly demons. During her tale, you are introduced to one of my favorite characters, Bruna. Bruna is a very, very, old Herb Gatherer (medicine women) that is gruff and says what she means with consequences be damned. Eventually, through a difficult situation, (not caused by a demon but something worse, a man) Leesha becomes Bruna’s apprentice. Of the three, Leesha is my favorite because I like her quick wit and her force of will.Rojer is least explored of the three. His tale is lightly touched upon in the beginning and becomes more prevalent as the novel enters the last act. Rojer’s parents are killed by demons and he is literally adopted by Arrick. Arrick is Jongleur (fool, clown) that takes Rojer under his wing due to his guilt about his actions on the night that Rojer’s parents are killed. Eventually, Rojer learns he has hidden magic talents that can combat the demons.I can see why Del Rey is excited out this novel. I was totally absorbed from page 1 until the very end. I suffered a few a tough days at work for the lack of sleep. It drew me in the same way as did Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of Wind. So if you enjoyed Rothfuss’ novel then this novel is right down your alley. As you can tell, I cannot recommend this novel highly enough and will not be surprised to see it on the 2009 Hugo shortlist.What I liked: To be a top flight fantasy novel the characters must click with the reader. Mr. Brett does a great job at balancing the three main characters and in developing their own unique personalities. This is one the few times I can remember not being let down when the story switches to another character. Usually, in a novel involving multiple character arcs there is always one or two you don’t care for and eagerly await the chapter to end. Not is the book, you welcome each chapter as you would spending time catching up with an old friend.What I didn’t like: There are 3 things that bothered me about this novel. First, the British dust jacket cover is far superior to the American version (see picture to the right). I do like the American title better, The Warded Man, versus the British version, The Painted Man, though.Number two; there are significant gaps in the each of the characters lives. I understand that the novel cannot be 2000 pages long but I would have liked to find out more how they got from point A to B, plus it is a little jarring when you suddenly find out that their lives have advanced several years from when you last left them. Maybe this product of being so engrossed with the story that I didn’t want to miss a thing.Lastly, there is a scene that involves the well worn plot device of a female being raped. I really wish authors would develop another plot device with their female leads. I understand why Mr. Brett included it, but he is a better writer than this and could work out a different solution to make the point.Last word: The best damn novel ever written on a Smartphone*. It is destined to become a classic with a legion of fans.* Peter Brett related that he wrote the majority of this novel on a Smartphone during his morning and evening commutes. Flippin’ amazing.

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Great start to this series. I really got wrapped up in the characters and the world.

Really a good is very much an un-put-down-able.A Must read for Fantasy lovers

Holy-Fucking-Shit The Warded Man kicks so much fucking ass...

interesting concept, but boilerplate characters

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