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Das Lied Der Dunkelheit (2000)

Das Lied der Dunkelheit (2000)

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About book Das Lied Der Dunkelheit (2000)

I actually give this book 3 1/2 stars. I didn't know what to expect from this book, but I ended up liking it. I agree with someone else's comment about the "sex scenes", of which I really only remember there being one plus a rape scene (if I'm remembering correctly), neither of which do I recall being particularly graphic. I prefer that there are no sex scenes in my books, I like it better when the act is just implied, but in this case the scene was so clumsy and completely mood-killing that I can't see how either character actually enjoyed the act, although it was apparently adequate for both of them. Anyway, I really liked the concept of the book, I didn't find the characters overly deep but I still enjoyed the story. I'd like to read the last two books in the series but so far all the libraries I've been to have the first book but not the final two. *Heavy sigh* Hmm for several chapters I was thinking this is a high 3 borderline 4 star read, but...sections three and four render it more like a low 3 borderline 2. I generally find that series that start to have a noticeable decline in the very first book (or season, for shows) tend to not get better in the subsequent installments. Though as Brett throws away real character development in favor of action action action, perhaps in sequels he repeats the structure of having the former in the first half, making them worth reading. I also hated the device of rape as convenient character growth impetus, especially the unsatisfying fallout from it.

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I actually really liked this book. Don't let the 3 stars fool you. Its very entertaining.

Great premise. Hope the author can keep it up through the series.

Good clean, old fashioned heroic fantasy.

Very engaging story.


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