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A Lança Do Deserto (2010)

A Lança do Deserto (2010)

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About book A Lança Do Deserto (2010)

I should have read this series long ago. Second book and this doesn't disappointed me a bit, by the contrary it makes me want to read about this story more and more. The only thing that annoyed me was that the author chose to start with Jardir, when I was so eager to know to happen to the main characters of previous book, but Jardir happens to be an important character of this book and his story is very important. After Jardir's part you will learn about Renna, a character who develops a lot in this book and seems like it promise to develope even more and become stronger after every chapter. The encounter between Jardir and Leesha and the action that follows is another part i liked very much. The book ends with an incredible battle with intense moments that you will definitely enjoy. I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said in other reviews. I really liked the first book. Arlen was easily my favourite character. I came to like Rojer and Leesha also, but I always found Arlen's story the most interesting. I was disappointed that this book started out with Jardir's backstory. Especially with how long it took until we finally got to a chapter from Arlen's point of view. I did not care about Jardir's back story or learning about Krasia/Krasians in general. Constantly reading about rape/incest became a little much for me. I don't know who would honestly enjoy reading about that stuff in every single chapter. The Krasians are just disgusting barbarian religious fanatics. Leesha also started to annoy me as the book went on. We're supposed to think she's a strong character?Her homeland is invaded by another country(basically). She learns that these invaders are barbarians who think her kind are good for nothing more than slaving and breeding. They kill and rape whenever they feel like it. They're religious fanatics brainwashed from a young age. With all this known to her, their leader, Jardir, who condones this behavior and who she also comes to realize has FOURTEEN wives, throws her a few compliments and she ends up falling for him and sleeping with him? Yeah right. I'd rather read about Renna than Leesha now to be honest. The only saving grace this book had for me was the chapter's from Arlen's point of view and the introduction of the new demon princes. I planned on reading the 3rd book next, but after having just finished the 2nd, I'll need to take a break from this series for a bit. Read something more light.

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Didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first book in the series but still very enjoyable

Interesting finish and a good way to tie lose ends into the next book.

Good read if you're into fantasy novels.

Book two was as good as The Warded Man!

A good read.

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