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Spaans Vuur (2010)

Spaans vuur (2010)

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I admire and envy everyone who can finish writing a book as I have only done a few times, and who can publish, which I have never accomplished. However, as a reader I must say that this spy story didnt grab me and the writing did not inspire. I finished the book because I had started it. I did like the character a little, but not as a friend, only as someone slightly interesting that someone had described to me second hand. This, the second in Hynd’s Russian trilogy, isn’t of the same caliber as his first book. The most irritating thing is the constant “rabbit trails” of some history that no one cares about. If I wanted to read history, it would be about places I care about. Here, I didn’t care enough to check out the validity of what was being said, and I didn’t want these “facts” in my head if I wasn’t going to verify them. Okay, so Alex went to Madrid to find a stolen art object, and in her pursuit of it ends up foiling a major terrorist attack on American lives, and she meets a gorgeous hunk from China who also happens to be a spy. I wasn’t impressed.

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A book I picked up for free on the nook. Wasn't awful, but the ending seemed rushed and too simple.

The plot was predictable but the story was entertaining.

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