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Cemetery Of Angels (2002)

Cemetery Of Angels (2002)

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0786014873 (ISBN13: 9780786014873)

About book Cemetery Of Angels (2002)

Noel Hynd has done it again. He can take an extreme horror idea, and make it so believable. This was a thriller that I had a hard time putting down. I would wake up in the wee hours to take my puppy to the bathroom, after which I would have to read some more until I fell asleep. This book was a combination of three mysteries, a police procedural, haunted house and cemetery ghost story, and love story.......and it all worked so beautifully. Although there were many scary and chilling parts in the story, the ending left me smiling and feeling good. While I frantically read needing to find out what happens, I hated reading that last page and closing the book. And I must say, that I will really miss Billy the ghost.

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