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Noel Hynd

Noel Hynd
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Books by Noel Hynd


Conspiracy in Kiev (2008)

This was a fast-paced suspense thriller, set in Ukraine in 2004 and related to the Ukranian-Russian conflict – I couldn’t put it down! The author used real events in recent history and made it relevant to the plot of the story. Loved it! Alex LaDuca, a multilingual and well-traveled woman who w...

Conspiracy in Kiev (2008) by Noel Hynd

Spaans vuur (2010)

I admire and envy everyone who can finish writing a book as I have only done a few times, and who can publish, which I have never accomplished. However, as a reader I must say that this spy story didnt grab me and the writing did not inspire. I finished the book because I had started it. I did li...

Spaans vuur (2010) by Noel Hynd

Cemetery Of Angels (2002)

Noel Hynd has done it again. He can take an extreme horror idea, and make it so believable. This was a thriller that I had a hard time putting down. I would wake up in the wee hours to take my puppy to the bathroom, after which I would have to read some more until I fell asleep. This book was...

Cemetery Of Angels (2002) by Noel Hynd

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