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Conspiracy In Kiev (2008)

Conspiracy in Kiev (2008)

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0310278716 (ISBN13: 9780310278719)
Zondervan Publishing Company

About book Conspiracy In Kiev (2008)

This was a fast-paced suspense thriller, set in Ukraine in 2004 and related to the Ukranian-Russian conflict – I couldn’t put it down! The author used real events in recent history and made it relevant to the plot of the story. Loved it! Alex LaDuca, a multilingual and well-traveled woman who worked as an investigator for the US Treasury Department, crosses over to accept an FBI assignment in Ukraine. She accepts intense training to prepare her for the job, which is to stay close to a certain Russian, but she does not get a full and clear explanation including the background and why she is doing this. Her life as she’s planned it comes crashing down around her in a horrific political slaughter. Before she has time to grieve and figure out what has happened, she ends up in a small village in Venezuela, working for a former employer, and there things get even worse for her as she witnesses another slaughter. She realizes key information has been withheld from her as she questions her faith and other truths and tries to move forward, to Rome and Paris, where she tries to find the common denominators in the events, and tries to determine whom she can trust, and even if she can trust her boss and her own agency. Somehow, the author brings the story together – very well done! I liked the book. It was tedious at times, because Alex, the heroine was supposed to be this super smart, tough woman, but she really wasn't, She could handle herself in most situations without falling completely apart, so that made up for the times she was poorly written, I suppose. I felt the story was a little disjointed at time, and I almost put the book down for that reason. I'm glad I stuck with it, though. It's a good story, but you can tell it was being left open for the next part of the trilogy. I think it didn't explain enough to make you care whether you finished the trilogy or just left it alone.

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I can't wait to read this again to see what I missed the first time through. Excited to read more.

Mystery and espionage spy and mystery thriller (CIA type).

The plot was predictable but entertaining.

Ok thriller but nothing exciting

Excellent book!

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